Black Cricket Animal Services

Professional pet care services provided by your local animal carer

Black Cricket Animal Services provides a range of pet services during the daytime, the evenings and over night, 365 days of the year. Based near to Bedford (we travel for all of our services except boarding) we cater for a wide range of mammals (e.g. cats, dogs, rats), reptiles (e.g. lizards, tortoises, turtles), birds (e.g. budgies, canaries, macaws), amphibians (e.g. frogs, toads, salamanders), fish (e.g. goldfish, piranha, clownfish) and invertebrates (e.g. tarantulas, millipedes, snails). 

Fully qualified in animal care, competent, confident and highly experienced in working with lots of different animals within our own professional pet care service through paid and voluntary work in animal rescue, zoos and in the farming sector. Exotic species specialist.

Every pet owner and their pet has different requirements and we are happy to provide bespoke services to suit your needs. We will put you at ease in the knowledge that we will care for your pets as if they were our own and while we are caring for your pets, we can update you as little or as often as you would like and send you a photograph or two of your pet too. (We gain permission from pet owners prior to placing photographs of their pets on our website and Facebook page).

Please scroll down this page for more information about the services which we provide, and if you have any further questions or queries or would like to book one or more services, you are more than welcome to contact us

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For all creatures great and small

Pet Sitting 

Pet sitting is provided in your own home for two hours or longer in the daytime, evenings and overnight. We will care for your pets following your requirements which can included, but not limited to, feeding, provide water, cleaning litter trays, playing, giving lots of fuss,  exercising and grooming. 

Pet Visits (pop-ins)

Pet visits (pop-ins) are shorter visits than pet sitting and can be provided in the daytime and evening. We will visit your pets to suit your requirements such as feeding, providing water, letting them outside and bringing them back in, administering medication, playing, giving lots of fuss and exercising. 

Pet Walking and Exercise

Dog walking is provided per family, we do not walk lots of dogs at a time. This is so that we can dedicate all of our time and attention on your dog / dogs. It also prevents possible conditions being passed on to other dogs , minimises anxiety and stress for dogs who are nervous of dogs unknown to them and prevents other dogs from trying to dominate the group. Dogs are walked on lead, unless or until their recall is demonstrated to be 100% all of the time.

We can also provide outdoor exercise for other animals such as skunks, ferrets, and macaws on harnesses and leads.

Indoor exercise can consists of lots of play and interaction, depending upon the pet. 

Pet Boarding

We can provide small animal boarding for your pets while you go away knowing that they will have a 'home from home'. Depending upon the pet, we have suitable accommodation already for small animals which includes the correct lighting and heating for many reptile and invertebrate species. 

Enclosure Set-Up and Cleaning

If you are bringing a new pet into your home and you need a hand in getting everything ready we can help. From building a bearded dragon enclosure using a pre-pack viv, substrate, lighting, heating and décor, we can have it fully working in no time. We can also give you a helping hand to make up other indoor enclosures and also outdoor enclosures such as aviaries and pens.

We can also provide full cleans of indoor and outdoor enclosures if you are unable to do so due to time, illness, disability or any other reason.

Black cab

Pet Taxi / Pet Courier

If you need to get your pet from A to B such as the groomers, to the vet or somewhere else, we have suitable vehicles which can transport animals safely to their destination and return them home too. We may also be able to accommodate you in the vehicle too.  

We can also provide a courier service to collect and deliver animals to their new homes and other places for commercial purposes.