Black Cricket Rocks

We, at Black Cricket Animal Services, have been very busy hiding lots of fun and interesting rocks around the areas we regularly work. Each rock has an animal theme with some fun and interesting facts too!

If you find one of our rocks, please take a picture and let us know. But please also remember to hide the rock in another place (in the same town or village where you found it). Children and adults are welcome to take part.

You can play just for fun or to gain a token! If you wish to get a token, please read on.....

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Animal-themed tokens to giveaway!

If you already know us, you will know that we like to give that little bit extra to make things even more special. So, we have animal-themed tokens to give away! And here is how to get one....

1.  Adults and children may participate. But please be aware that the tokens are aimed at children.

2. Every time you find one of our rocks, take a photograph of yourself holding the front of the rock and a photograph of yourself holding the back of the rock. The front and back of the rocks must be in the photographs and must be clearly visible. You must also be clearly visible but if you are camera shy, you can blur out your face (we just don't want any cheating going on).

3. When you have found a Black Cricket Rocks rock and taken the photographs, please re-hide the rock in another location in the town or village that you found it in. We would like others to be able to join in the fun and gain a token or two too!

4. To get the animal-themed token, you must find five of our rocks. One of these rocks must be a “special rock”.

5. All of our rocks have our name on and a rock number. Special rocks are noted as “special rock”.

6. Your photographs must be posted onto our Facebook page. You are welcome to post these each time you find a rock or when you have found five of them (including one special rock). However, to claim your token, all of your photographs need to be together so that we can verify them.

7. To receive your token*, please send a private message via Facebook, with your name and address so that we can pop it through your letter box when we are next in your area. You must live in the area where the rocks are hidden. However if you have found all five rocks when staying with family or friends, we will pop it into their letterbox (don't forget to provide their address but your name). We will keep your name and address strictly confidential and we follow all data protection regulations.

8. At this current time, we do not have an ending date for these tokens. However we do reserve the right to notify, via Facebook and our website, any closing date for claims of tokens.

9. Once you have found five rocks and claimed your token, you are permitted to find a further five (including one special rock) however, these must be completely different to your first five. The claim for your token on these is exactly the same as for the above.

10. Unsportsmanlike conduct will lead to individuals being refused one or more tokens and / or a ban from our Facebook page and website. At the end of the day, we have paid for these rocks and for the tokens and would like this to be about fun and enjoyment.

11. Enjoy searching for our rocks!

*Please note that tokens cannot be exchanged and no cash will be given as an alternative.

Our decision is final and no correspondence shall be entered into.

Black Cricket Rocks - Where Are they?

We can't tell you the exact location of Black Cricket Rocks but what we can say at this current time is that they are / will be hidden in the villages and towns where we regularly work.

They are currently hiding in Cardington, Cotton End, Shortstown, Wilstead and Wixams.

When we have a little more time they will also be hidden in other places where we work.